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Top digital marketing agency canada

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What do you get when you combine the effectiveness of million dollar consultants, the specialization of an agency, and a flexibility like your internal team?

You get Purpose Path.

Whether it’s increasing sales through funnel building, or reducing costs through automation; we’ve become exceptional at one single thing: helping our clients achieve their goals.

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Transform your online presence with our captivating web designs that convert visitors into customers.


Increase your brand reach with Search Engine Optimization.

Digital Advertising

Maximize your ROI with our expert media buying strategies – reaching the right audience at the right time, every time.

Why Purpose Path?

Strategic Approach

Purpose Path helps you reach your goals faster with insightful market research.

Creative Guidance

Work on your most outrageously creative ideas, with a team of seasoned creatives at your disposal.

Fast Turnarounds

A dedicated project manager ensures your projects are delivered before your deadlines.

Pay as you go

Flexible payment plans and no-monthly commitments for all services.

Always Available

24/7 support with a real person is standard when you work with Purpose Path.

Revenue Driven

Numbers never lie. Purpose Path focuses on relevant metrics, not empty numbers.


best seo in canada

The Notary Guy


Increase in Lead Volume

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Toronto Boutique Apartments


Decrease in PPC Cost Per Lead

Khanani Developments


Increase in Website Traffic & Leads



Learn how Strathallen transformed their digital presence.

seo expert canada

Toronto Boutique Apartments

Compete locally to attain greater market share.


E-Commerce platform to sell globally.


Frequently asked questions we get from our clients in Toronto and Canada.

How important is the right SEO-optimized content for my website, to rank higher on Canadian search engines?

High-quality, engaging content is essential for SEO success in Canada because it is optimized for search engine results, and resonates with your target audience. By providing valuable and informative content, you increase the time people spend on your website, and this improves your SERP in return. In fact, companies that blog regularly see almost a 55% increase in website visitors [according to a study by Hubspot].

How do you approach link-building and influencer marketing as a Canadian SEO company?

Modern link-building is better described as link-earning and is executed by providing high-quality content that drives incoming links organically and building relationships with influencers and editors. Some SEO companies would promise thousands of links within a few weeks, but they won’t be of high quality (and that’s a fact). One high-quality link from a credible, authoritative site is more effective than thousands of low-quality, machine-created links in blog comments.
As an SEO company based in Canada, we describe our link-building processes in terms of relationship-building and quality-not quantity and expediency.

What makes the cost of SEO Services in Canada vary?

There are several factors that need to be taken into account when determining a price quote for your website by any SEO agency in Canada, which includes the following questions:
1- What is your target market?
2- What is the range of products and services we need to optimize?
3- What is the geographical reach of your campaign?
4- What is the competitiveness of your industry?
5- What is the number of pages on your website?
6- What is the level of optimization currently available on the website?
7- What is the speed at which you want to grow your campaign?
8- What is the level of results you want to achieve?
9- What is the duration of your campaign?

What benchmarks would Purpose Path use to evaluate my website’s SEO marketing success?

Our professional search engine optimization (SEO) services are specifically designed for your custom needs, and we want to ensure that your website’s reputation is representative of what you truly offer. In the past, top search engine rankings were the primary benchmarks for determining SEO success in Canada, but a lot has changed in recent years as now, it is only one aspect of the equation. Improved web analytics continue to play a major role in improving a web page’s reputation, as well as improving web page function, increasing traffic, increasing visitor loyalty, conversions and ultimately, increasing ROI (crucial to determining SEO success).

Why should I hire an SEO agency in Canada and not do SEO myself?

Let’s assume you’re trying to search for a gift for a special someone in Vancouver’s top ten gift shops, and then you decide to take them out to lunch at the best restaurant in Toronto-but you don’t know the perfect spots to find both of these. So what do you do? You Google it (most common form of search).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is focused on Google.

So what’s the goal?

To get your business to the top of search results, when Canadians are looking for what your business can provide them with: whether it’s a unique gift or the best lunch.

Instead of casting a broad web, you’re actively targeting clients who are looking for your exact services. If they can’t find you at the top results, they’re finding your competitors instead. We know that Canadian culture is different and that each province is different, which means we know what’s trending in Canada. We know the Canadian search infrastructure, and we know which websites have the most authority in Canada.

Digital marketing agency canada


Based on 24 reviews
Clarisse Loureiro
Clarisse Loureiro
Purpose Path has the ability to work under pressure and with high demand. They are always ready to deliver what we need. It is a one stop shop for our digital marketing and they are definitely helping us to implement our strategies and achieve our marketing results.
Paulmckay Onevoice
Paulmckay Onevoice
Great experience! Such a resourceful, creative team! I highly recommend Purpose path
Erin Lawrence
Erin Lawrence
These guys know their stuff! Purpose Path helped me overhaul my website, techgadgetscanada dot com and help me refine a reader flow, making it better overall, and making it so I earn more ad revenue. Plus, they're setting me up for even more exponential growth in the future. I can definitely recommend Purpose path!
Aamir Hussain
Aamir Hussain
Great team and work ethic! Highly recommended.
Jay Sankey
Jay Sankey
I feel incredibly lucky to have 'found' Purpose Path. They are an absolutely wonderful team of marketing experts. On every front, communication, accountability, transparency, follow through, and much more, they hit the bull's eye every single time. And best of all, their marvelous efforts almost immediately increased my sales. I honestly can't say enough good things about Purpose Path. Excellence in action!
Hamza Jalil
Hamza Jalil
Purpose Path’s team has incredible expertise in the domain of marketing technology. Specifically for our project, they’ve helped our sales team implement automated systems which allow us to do outreach, close and document faster than ever.
Bassam Abdellatif
Bassam Abdellatif
A results driven agency that you can trust to funnel customers towards your business, small or big. I have been with Purpose Path for 3 years now, and will be with them for many more. The management and analysts are top tier, you could not ask for a better team to be on your digital advertising side.
maryam khaleghi
maryam khaleghi
We did have some problems with the web site design but we was able to sorted out. Good service and communication
Khanani Developments
Khanani Developments
They’re our go to marketing services provider. They’ve helped us build an incredibly beautiful website, scaled our digital advertising, and create content. A great company to work with!
Furaz Alvi
Furaz Alvi
I was introduced to the team at Purpose Path a few months ago to assist with SEO and digital marketing for my new company "The Notary Guy" based out of Mississauga, Ontario. The team thoroughly assessed my site, business, local rankings for keywords and competition in order to come up with a game plan. As a small business, having to absorb the cost for a new website and monthly SEO was daunting. I did a lot of research and probably consulted at least a dozen other companies before finally deciding on Purpose Path to take my business to the next level. To date ZERO regrets! We are 4 months in and the results thus far have been as promised if not better! They are definitely not the "cheapest" or the most "expensive". They are priced right for what they are offering. More importantly, they are delivering results....and that is what matters! Looking forward to seeing the final results at month number 6 and further look forward to growing this partnership with Purpose Path.


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