iCare Naturals

iCare Naturals is an e-commerce brand leading the Canadian market in a niche for Halal supplements and multivitamins. With it’s reach across Canada, it serves more than 8 different products, helping people of all age brackets.

About iCare Naturals

Being in the multivitamins market, iCare prides itself on being able to be an aid in people’s health and wellness. With the owners coming from experienced backgrounds within chemistry and pharmacy, iCare Naturals has successfully operated over the last 4 years.

The Challenge

ICare Naturals struggled to break into the market via their e-commerce sales channels. Their sales were stagnant, and customer loyalty was at an all-time low.

They knew their success formula had missing ingredients but couldn’t source them.

Purpose Path Has Arrived...

The Solution

Our first step before applying any solution was to do the research and assessment of the halal multivitamins market and its demographics. Acknowledging iCare’s competitive advantage in this niche was the most important step, otherwise, one can end up selling to the wrong audience.

Our second step was to launch a brand new website that not just promotes its unique selling proposition of being 100% halal but also the owner’s tremendous experience in understanding health and wellness products.

If one is going to be an aid in people’s daily health, then you needs to build initial trust and continue to maintain it.

The third step was a complete marketing solution which helped generate customer demand from all fronts. We launched a dedicated SEO, digital advertising, social media content creation, as well influencer marketing to build the comprehensive brand that it is today.


iCare’s becoming a recognized brand in the halal multivitamins amidst the strong competition

Their sales are 4x higher since we joined forced and are now confidently expanding nationwide with our help.

  • 400% revenue increase in the first 6 months.
  • 5X Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost
  • 30%  Increase in Repeat Orders in Repeat Orders
  • 150% Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Website Traffic


Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost


Increase in Repeat Orders in Repeat Orders


Revenue increase in the first 6 months


The final step was to re-launch the ads with a much more targeted approach since we had a great grasp of our demographics after the success of our initial 6 months of search engine optimization. The ads delivered ridiculously well!

In their Own Words...

“Incredible working with the Purpose Path team over the last 2 years”

Faisal M.

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