North End Furniture

North End Furniture is a local furniture store based in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

About North End Furniture

North End Furniture is a local family owned business based in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. They offer a wide range of products, from sectionals and bed room sets, to dining room furniture. Their unique value lies in the strong local presence in their communities.

The Challenge

North End Furniture had aspirations to grow in their in-store traffic and their e-commerce sales. However, they didn’t know where to begin. Their product line was excellent, but they didn’t know how to reach their target market online.

Purpose Path Has Arrived...

The Solution

Our two-pronged approach focused on two things: driving traffic to their physical location and driving sales from their website. For their offline sales, we ran local campaigns optimized for store visits and phone calls, leading to a large influx of in-store visitors.

For their e-commerce store, we initiated a complete overhaul of their website. This included updating design elements, adding industry-leading applications to boost conversion rates. Our media buying approach focused on multi-layered audience targeting, with a specific focus on in-market audiences.




  • Incredible Returns on Ad Spend
  • Stronger brand recall
  • Conversion rates higher than the industry standard


Return on Ad Spend


Reduction in customer acquisition costs


Increased traffic on the website.


Revenue increase in the first 6 months


In their Own Words...

“I highly recommend Purpose Path, staff is in constant communication with you to to meet all your requirements. Purpose Path also implemented great strategies to take my business to the next level.”

North End Furniture

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