Pawz N Dogz

Pawz N Dogz is a D2C pet supply store specializing in hand-crafted high-end snuffle mats.

About Pawz N Dogz

Pawz N Dogz is a D2C pet supply store specializing in hand-crafted high-end dog snuffle mats. They primarily serve the North American market, with their products being of a higher quality than what their competitors offer.

The Challenge

Pawz N Dogz was struggling to compete with their lower-priced competitors in a saturated market. Their target market is upper middle-class North Americans, who value quality over price. However, Pawz N Dogz didn’t know how to reach this audience through online channels

Purpose Path Has Arrived...

The Solution

Our multi funnel ads approach centered on sharing the brand’s unique selling proposition of higher quality to their target market. This was done by promoting different content types, from feature-benefit based static content to UGC product walkthroughs.

Our media buying campaigns were driven by multi-layered audience targeting, as well as automated campaigns for remarketing. This resulted in the business seeing record sales from their online channels.




  • Improved Return on Ad Spend
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Better brand recall


Return on Ad Spend


Reduction in customer acquisition costs


Increased traffic on the website.


Revenue increase in the first 6 months


In their Own Words...

Pawz N Dogz

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