Sankey Magic

Jay Sankey is a world-renowned magician.

He is also an incredible entrepreneur. Sankey Magic has supported aspiring magicians and avid learners to master tricks and learn more about magic.

About Sankey Magic

Sankey Magic is an e-commerce brand of Jay Sankey. With reach in over 15 countries, Sankey Magic provides magic learning books, equipment & accessories that help thousands of his followers become magicians in their way.

The Challenge

Like every business does, Sankey Magic was also going through a period of plateau growth. To find near hockey stick growth, the e-commerce company needed to do something different. We just didn’t know exactly what.

Purpose Path Has Arrived...

The Solution

Our first step was to cast the right spell and give Sankey Magic the beautification and facelift for its e-commerce store. The older website felt clunky, outdated, and lacked its magic touch. The new website was offering the complete opposite. With brighter colors and mystical banners, alongside a better shopping experience, Sankey Magic felt to be on the right track.

The second step was to launch efficient advertising. Since magic is an art, it needs to be decorated. We worked on a custom advertising strategy that would entice customers not just to pursue magic as an interest but also to see Jay Sankey’s strong brand.


Sankey Magic has seen more sales with the new website as it allows visitors to shop around their categories more efficiently. Sankey Magic’s tools enable the welcoming of a previously untapped target market.

  • 20% decrease in customer acquisition cost.
  • 10 New Tools Added
  • 30% increase in website orders


New Tools Added


Increase In Orders


Decrease in customer acquisition cost.


Revenue increase in the first 6 months


The final step was to re-launch the ads with a much more targeted approach since we had a great grasp of our demographics after the success of our initial 6 months of search engine optimization. The ads delivered ridiculously well!

In their Own Words...

I feel incredibly lucky to have ‘found’ Purpose Path. They are an absolutely wonderful team of marketing experts. On every front, communication, accountability, transparency, follow through, and much more, they hit the bull’s eye every single time. And best of all, their marvelous efforts almost immediately increased my sales. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Purpose Path. Excellence in action!

Jay Sankey

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