Tech Gadgets Canada

Tech Gadgets Canada is a blog & youtube channel led by an immensely talented solopreneur named Erin.

About Tech Gadgets Canada

Tech Gadgets Canada is a blog about all technology products, including devices, appliances, and many more. It started as a blog in 2013 and fast-forward to 2023. It has a thriving website with high traffic and a heavily monetized YouTube channel. 

The Challenge

Tech Gadgets Canada had a high bounce rate. For a blog site that wanted the visitors to read as much as possible and click affiliate links at the end, the website struggled to hold on to them.

The traffic was from multiple sources but mainly direct and YouTube. She wanted to find a solution to get the customers to stick to the page to help generate ad and affiliate revenue. 

Purpose Path Has Arrived...

The Solution

Our first step was to re-design the website into a technology-focused user interface. One of the main things that the previous webpage lacked was appeal from a design and usability standpoint. Technology has always amazed us as humans as these are new things we experience. These visitors expected similar from a tech blogging website.

Our second step was to launch a dedicated SEO strategy focused on attracting visitors’ queries on the web. Shoppers usually look for reviews and want to know about other’s experiences to validate a purchase for themselves. We created a funnel that allowed the website to rank for the best questions searched online.


Tech Gadgets Canada had a decrease in their bounce rate by over 30%. The new user interface and ease of navigation enabled customers to browse the different product reviews as they were all interlinked smartly to have longer customer sessions. 


The website traffic went up nearly 5x within the year!

100% ad revenue increase in the first 6 months. 

5x  Increase in Website Traffic.

2x increase in Affiliate Revenue


ad revenue increase in the first 6 months.

5 X

Increase in Website Traffic.


increase in Affiliate Revenue

Revenue increase in the first 6 months


In their Own Words...

PurposePath has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and a deep understanding of web development throughout our collaboration. Their team’s expertise in crafting modern and efficient websites was evident from the outset. They not only listened to our needs but also provided insightful suggestions that enhanced the overall project.


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