The Notary Guy

The Notary Guy helps people across the West & North West GTA with all their notarization and legal document signatory needs.

About The Notary Guy

One of the best customer-focused businesses in the GTA, the Notary Guy prides itself on giving it’s customers a seamless experience with legal documents and notarizations.
The company is based in Mississauga, Canada, and has been expanding to different locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Challenge

They were effectively managing their paid ad campaigns and converting many visitors into clients. However, paid advertising will always have an impact on the pockets.
The Notary Guy wanted to double his clients but without having to double or more their advertising spend.

Purpose Path Has Arrived...

The Solution

Our first step to a sustainable solution was to re-build the website with a user-centered experience and easy-to-navigate platform. This would help us keep the visitors on the website for longer and for them to identify if The Notary Guy would be able to help with the document they need help with.

The second part was to push aggressively on local search engine optimization in Mississauga’s 15 KM radius. With competition sitting less than a few meters away, we had to push the customer service narrative across the website content and search engine content.

The final step was to re-launch the ads with a much more targeted approach since we had a great grasp of our demographics after the success of our initial 6 months of search engine optimization. The ads delivered ridiculously well!


This 3 step approach helped The Notary Guy fire on all cylinders, growing it 10x in record time not just for them but also for Purpose Path.


Top 3

In all it’s related keywords

4 X

Increase in Organic Traffic

Revenue increase in the first 6 months


In their Own Words...

I was introduced to the team at Purpose Path a few months ago to assist with SEO and digital marketing for my new company “The Notary Guy” based out of Mississauga, Ontario. The team thoroughly assessed my site, business, local rankings for keywords and competition in order to come up with a game plan. As a small business, having to absorb the cost for a new website and monthly SEO was daunting. I did a lot of research and probably consulted at least a dozen other companies before finally deciding on Purpose Path to take my business to the next level. To date ZERO regrets! We are 4 months in and the results thus far have been as promised if not better! They are definitely not the “cheapest” or the most “expensive”. They are priced right for what they are offering. More importantly, they are delivering results….and that is what matters! Looking forward to seeing the final results at month number 6 and further look forward to growing this partnership with Purpose Path.

The Notary Guy

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Our client philosophy

At Purpose Path, we only take on clients we can make a difference with. While other marketing agencies try to sell you all the services under the sun to increase the value of their retainer, we only recommend specific services that move the needle, given your unique business position and requirements. This is why, our sales team spends most of our call asking specific, pointed questions to discover the deep issues in your business, which leads to a more relevant and effective recommendation of services. Like any professional, our approach is to “diagnose first” , then “prescribe after”