Sankey Magic

Jay Sankey is a world-renowned magician.

He is also an incredible entrepreneur. Sankey Magic has been supporting aspiring magicians and avid learners to master tricks and learn more about magic. 

Like every business, there are always new ways to grow. 

The brand had jay at it's nexus.

A New Website Design

We casted the right spell and gave Sankey Magic the beautification it had asked for. 

Added the right tools

In an e-commerce business, you must be equipped with the right tools to go to battle. The battle to win customers. Analytics, Reminders, Offers, Chat and more. Sankey Magic had all the answers up it’s sleeves. 

Efficient advertising

Magic is an art. It needs to be decorated. The ads were also decorated in it’s appropriate manner. Custom advertising management has done wonders for Sankey Magic. 


Sankey Magic has seen more sales with the new website as it allows visitors to shop around their categories more efficiently.

Sankey Magic’s tools enable the welcoming of a previously untapped target market.


Decrease in Acquisition Cost


New Business Tools Added


Increase in Website Orders


We’ll do our magic.

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