During the pandemic, most companies were focusing on how to work better remotely. 

Alongside that, Strathallen was focusing on how to be better digitally.

A New Approach was required.

Precise Messaging

Specific and clear messaging about their core values, customized towards their unique target market.

Accessibility First Design

Inclusive and accessible design meant putting the customers first and creating technology that worked for everyone.

Paid Media

Reminding their customers that they’re open for business, and deploying targeted ads to increase foot traffic at their retail locations.


Rekindling the trust of their end users that Strathallen is ensuring the best practices to make mall going normal again.


Website Visitors in 45 Days


Digital Impressions In 45 Days

Before After

Looking to lead your market?>

We know the path. 

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Health and Wellness


CHN went digital & helped record the number of patients.

Real Estate

ZEMLAR Offices

See how ZEMLAR Offices transformed their businesses value proposition.

Case Studies