Tech gadgets Canada

Tech Gadgets Canada is one of the fastest growing tech products review channel in Canada.

The business is managed by an individual who did an entire army’s worth of work.

The business had grown tremendously. But now, it needed to step up the next level. 

marketing strategy needs to drive engagement.

A Brand Revamp

When you’re reviewing some of the most wanted products, you’re going to get a lot of eyeballs. The website needed an uplift. 

Better User Experience

We took our user interviews to hear the issues people can face when they see too much information in one place. We became virtual cleaners and cleared the clutter. User friendly websites win. 

Search engine optimized

Should you always drive cruise control in the fast lane? No. Because others will tail you. TGC is in a competitive industry. Our SEO team pushed the accelerator further and smoked the tailgaters. 


Tech Gadgets Canada now has information that is really easy to find for your favorite product. 

The platform is seeing more organic visitors than ever before which will lead to further growth for the business 💰.


Backlinks created in 3 months.

Top 5



Increase in Website Traffic

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