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local seo

Why should your small business be using local SEO?

The marketing demands and requirements for small businesses differ a lot from those a larger company or enterprise might require. Keeping in line with the sales, their audience, and their target market, even in digital marketing, the goals, targets, and audience numbers differ a lot. Even within digital marketing practices and processes like search engine optimization or SEO are a

PPC agencies

The best PPC agencies in Toronto

PPC or pay-per-click adverts are an essential aspect of digital marketing and, as of 2024, constitute a considerable chunk of businesses allocating resources for marketing. However, given that PPC from its initial years is barely recognizable as it is now, the competition in this particular sector has expanded to include many players; this means that now, to make full use

Best SEO Agencies In Toronto

They say that money makes the world go around. In the 21st century, money still makes the world go round, but here, in these times, the model is different. In the yesteryears, it was conventional marketing, but now we have digital marketing. And with the market cap for digital marketing sitting at around $366 billion, you can bet your bottom

Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Canada

Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Canada

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the biggest sectors worldwide, and in Canada, it seems to have hit an all-time high in terms of growth. The worldwide market cap for digital marketing in 2023 stood at $366 billion and is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Canada is no different from the wonders of digital marketing; digital

cold emails

How to write a cold email

Webster defines a cold email as a digital message to someone not previously communicated with, but people define it as a pain in the ass. As in, people you’ve not previously communicated with and have never known get an email from you all of a sudden, asking them for a transaction. Sounds shadily like the Nigerian price shtick we’ve had

digital advertising small businesses

The top 5 advantages of digital advertising for small businesses

Digital advertising and marketing pertain to the techniques and practices required within the digital realm to market whatever product or service you might have. Given its large scale and the fact that your business is being exposed to a huge market across the web, many people wrongly assume that only large businesses or medium enterprises can benefit from extensive digital

How can external linking boost your website?

When discussing search engine optimization (SEO), its best practices, and its applications for websites, the phrase ‘external linking’ often gets thrown around a lot. Experts know and swear by it, obviously, but what exactly is external linking? How does it contribute to boosting your website’s statistics, and what are its best practices? In this blog, we’ll be looking at the

mobile seo

Mobile search optimization: 10 ways to improve your website

The next logical step from the world of computers and heavy PCs was mobile devices; these nifty little gadgets proved so popular that today, they far overshadow and outpace the personal computer market, and people worldwide utilize these devices. In fact, the impact has been monumental; as of 2024, 92.3 per cent of internet traffic consists of users accessing the

E-Commerce Marketing Budget

Maximizing your ROI: how to optimize your e-commerce marketing budget

E-commerce is the next big thing, and big fishes like Amazon and Alibaba are leading the way, paving the road for the future of the marketplace. E-commerce comes with its own set of challenges, advantages, and disadvantages, and one of the double-edged swords that e-commerce has is marketing. When done right, e-commerce marketing will allow you to reap incredible benefits

Use Digital Marketing Strategies To Accelerate Your Business Growth

Optimizing your website for search engines: a guide to SEO-friendly web design

To the untrained, SEO (search engine optimization) and web design might seem like two unrelated concepts with no overlap at all, but the truth is that these two are intricately connected, and this linkage is what you should aim for if digital presence is something that is important for you. Why else would you have a website if not to